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Integrated Security & Safety Management Solutions

Hawksprey Informatics offers state of the art Security Alarm Management System with intuitive Graphical user interface incorporating many standards.

Its core Alarm Monitoring and Access Control capabilities serves as the bases for building a completely Integrated Security Management System, including Photo ID badging, Video surveillance, full system database reporting, true open database connectivity, and an open application program interface for addressing customer specific interface requirements.

Main features also includes

  • Local and Global Alarm I/O Linking.
  • Manual and schedule-able alarm monitoring and I/O controls.
  • User selectable alarm priorities per alarm.
  • User definable alarm instructions and response per alarm.
  • Alarm monitor for operator assessment and acknowledgment.
  • Alarm Graphics Editor and Viewer
  • Serial CCTV alarm interface for many third party manufacturers.
  • Integrated digital Video Surveillance (option)

For more information on our Integrated Security & Safety Management Solutions, please email us at admin@hawksprey.com

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