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Soft Interception & Security Management

Interception of communications

Interception refers to a type of surveillance where a communication is intercepted before it reaches its destination. Unlike surveillance of communications data, interception involves investigating the content of communications.

Types of communication intercepted include:
  • mobile and landlines telephone calls
  • postal mail
  • email
Interception plays a crucial role in the fight against all kinds of terrorism, and protection of a Nation's vital national interest.

When can interception be used ?
Due to its invasiveness, interception may only take place:
  • in the interests of national security.
  • for the purpose of preventing or detecting serious crime.
  • or the purpose of safeguarding the economic well-being of any country.
  • when the conduct authorized by the warrant is proportionate to what is sought to be achieved by that conduct.
Enterprise Security Management:

The larger the enterprise, the more security solutions it requires. There is a growing need for end-to-end solutions that allow enterprises to monitor and manage all of their dedicated security applications in a unified manner. Hawksprey Informatics offers comprehensive consulting and implementation services, encompassing all aspects of security and risk management. We subject your applications to in-depth testing, and perform both threat and risk analysis. Our offering also includes the design of architectures and processes. We designs and deploys customer-specific communications and access-control solutions for networks, systems and applications. And we can integrate security mechanisms into electronic work flows and document-management processes.

Enterprise Security Management from Hawksprey Informatics continuously improves your security processes, and the protection afforded to your IT systems. And compliance with all statutory and other requirements is guaranteed.

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